Knitting Machine Cylinders

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Do you look for Mayer Cylinder,Terrot Cylinder,Fukuhara Cylinder, Fukuhama Cylinder, Unitex Cylinder, Orizio Cylinder, 
Camber Cylinder, Jiunn Long Cylinder, Jingmei Cylinder,Wellknit Cylinder, Welltex Cylinder, Hengyi Cylinder, 
Taifan Cylinder,Wildhorse Cylinder,Baiyuan Cylinder, Runshan Cylinder, LKM Cylinder,LISKY Cylinder, 
Kaixing Cylinder, Fufang Cylinder, HUIXING Cylinder,Hongshuo Cylinder, 
Longbao Cylinder,Baoxiang Cylinder,Biaoda Cylinder, Yongthin Cylinder,

Then you have come to the right place. 
You can find most brand of knitting cylinder here.

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Exwork Price:US 1200-3000 per set
Min Order Quantity:1 set
Supply Ability: 15000 Sets per Year
Port: Xiamen
Payment Terms:T/T
Morton cylinder are carefully processed with more than 40 processes using imported Japan materials . The precision of the product can be within 0.01mm. After special heat treatment, cylinder can guarantee very long using life, with good wear resistance and stability.
Our cylinder can ensure that the knitting groove smoothly in the needle track without offsetting or shaking, prolonging the needle using life and ensuring very good fabric quality.
We maintained close cooperation with the big circular machine manufacturers in China for a long time. Many of the them use our cylinders with highly admitted and appraise.
Manufacturing Process:
Raw Material→Lathe Processing→CNC Vertical Lathe Processing→Semi-Products Inspection→Milling Slots→Setting Steel Slots→Heat Treatment→Grinding Machine→Polishing


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