Brand knitting needle standards

A good brand of knitting needles requires five major standards:

1.We can produce and weave cloth styles that meet customer requirements. The quality of knitting needles depends first on whether they can weave qualified fabrics. This is determined based on the customer's own product requirements and is also the basic requirement for users to choose knitting needles.


2.The stability of the knitting needles. On the premise that the weaving fabric surface is qualified, the stability of the knitting needles is also an important factor in judging the performance of the knitting needles. Poor stability and frequent problems with the knitting needles will cause users to inspect defective fabrics and cause problems huge loss.


3.The service life of knitting needles. To judge the service life of knitting needles, several aspects should be considered: 1. Type, thickness, softness and hardness of the yarn being knitted. 2. The thickness and weight of the woven fabric. 3. The tension of yarn and cloth surface in working condition. 4. Differences in knitting equipment. 5. Management attitude towards equipment. 6. The type of knitting lubricant used, the method and amount of oil used. 8. The frequency of equipment replacement of production varieties. 9. The technician adjusts the level of the equipment. The above factors directly affect the service life of knitting needles. Only the length of time the knitting needles are used under relatively balanced factors can reflect the true lifespan of knitting needles.


4.The cost-effectiveness of knitting needles. Generally speaking, you get what you pay for. The same goes for knitting needles. Cheaper is not better, nor is more expensive better. It mainly depends on the fabric requirements of the customer. Customers should choose the corresponding knitting needles according to their own product grade.


5. Perfect after-sales service. An excellent brand of knitting needles requires one-stop after-sales service. The sales promotion of brand knitting needles is not only to let customers use our products, but also to do a good job in market information forecasting, so that customers can smoothly purchase the required model of knitting needles during the peak season when knitting needles are tense, without delaying production. When there is a problem, we will come to deal with it as soon as possible. What's more, when customers need supporting services when developing new products, we are always there to cooperate.

Post time: Feb-02-2024
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