Chapter 1:How to maintain the circular knitting machine on a daily basis?

1.Daily maintenance of circular knitting machine

(1)Daily maintenance

A. In the morning, middle, and evening shifts, the fibers (flying) attached to the creel and the machine must be removed to keep the knitted components and the pulling and winding mechanism clean.

B. When handing over shifts, check the active yarn feeding device to prevent the yarn storage device from being blocked by flying flowers and inflexible rotation, resulting in defects such as cross paths on the surface of the fabric.

C. Check the self-stop device and safety gear shield every shift. If there is any abnormality, repair or replace it immediately.

D. When handing over shifts or patrolling inspections, it is necessary to check whether the market and all oil circuits are unblocked

(2)Weekly maintenance

A. Do a good job of cleaning the yarn feeding speed control plate, and remove the flying flowers accumulated in the plate.

B. Check whether the belt tension of the transmission device is normal and whether the transmission is stable.

C. Carefully check the operation of the pulling and reeling mechanism.


(3)Monthly maintenance

A. Remove the cambox and remove the accumulated flying flowers.

B. Check whether the wind direction of the dust removal device is correct, and remove the dust on it.

D. Remove the flying flowers in the electrical accessories, and repeatedly check the performance of the electrical accessories, such as self-stop system, safety system, etc.

(4)Semi-annual maintenance

A. Disassemble all the knitting needles and sinkers of the circular knitting machine, clean them thoroughly, and check for damage. If there is damage, replace it immediately.

B. Check whether the oil passages are unblocked, and clean the fuel injection device.

C. Clean and check whether the active yarn feeding mechanism is flexible.

D. Clean the fly and oil stains of the electrical system, and overhaul them.

E. Check whether the waste oil collection oil path is unblocked.

2.Maintenance of knitting mechanism of circular knitting machine

The knitting mechanism is the heart of the circular knitting machine, which directly affects the quality of the product, so the maintenance of the knitting mechanism is very important.

A. After the circular knitting machine has been in normal operation for a period of time (the length of time depends on the quality of the equipment and the knitting materials), it is necessary to clean the needle grooves to prevent dirt from being knitted into the fabric with the knitting, and at the same time, it can also reduce the defects of thin needles (and Called the needle path).

B. Check whether all knitting needles and sinkers are damaged. If they are damaged, they must be replaced immediately. If the use time is too long, the quality of the fabric will be affected, and all knitting needles and sinkers need to be replaced.

C. Check whether the needle groove wall of the dial and the needle barrel is damaged. If any problem is found, repair or replace it immediately.

D. Check the wear condition of the cam, and confirm whether it is installed correctly and whether the screw is tightened.

F. Check and correct the installation position of the yarn feeder. If it is found to be severely worn, it needs to be replaced immediately.

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