Chapter 2: How to maintain the circular knitting machine on a daily basis?

Lubrication of circular knitting machine

A. Check the oil level mirror on the machine plate every day. If the oil level is lower than 2/3 of the mark, you need to add oil. During the half-year maintenance, if deposits are found in the oil, all the oil should be replaced with new oil.

B. If the transmission gear is oil-stained, add oil once in about 180 days (6 months); if it is lubricated with grease, add grease once in about 15-30 days.

C. During the half-year maintenance, check the lubrication of various transmission bearings and add grease.

D. All knitted parts must use lead-free knitting oil, and day shift personnel are responsible for refueling.

Maintenance of circular knitting machine accessories

A. The changed syringes and dials should be cleaned, coated with engine oil, wrapped in oil cloth, and placed in a wooden box to avoid being bruised or deformed. When in use, first use compressed air to remove the oil in the needle cylinder and dial, after installation, add knitting oil before use.

B. When changing the pattern and variety, it is necessary to sort and store the changed cams (knitting, tuck, float), and add knitting oil to prevent rust.

C. New knitting needles and sinkers that have not been used up need to be put back in the original packaging bag (box); the knitting needles and sinkers that are replaced when changing the color variety must be cleaned with oil, inspected and picked out the damaged , Put it into the box, add knitting oil to prevent rust.


Maintenance of the electrical system of the circular knitting machine

The electrical system is the power source of the circular knitting machine, and it must be checked and repaired regularly to avoid malfunctions.

A. Frequently check the equipment for leakage, if found, it must be repaired immediately.

B. Check whether the detectors everywhere are safe and effective at any time.

C. Check whether the switch button is out of order.

D. Check and clean the internal parts of the motor, and add oil to the bearings.

E. Check whether the line is worn or disconnected.

Maintenance of other parts of the circular knitting machine


A. The oil in the oil glass must reach the oil mark position. It is required to check the oil mark every day and keep it between the highest oil level and the lowest oil level. When refueling, unscrew the oil filler screw, rotate the machine, and refuel to the specified level. Location is fine.

B. Upload moving gear (oil-stained type) needs to be lubricated once a month.

C. If the oil in the oil mirror of the cloth roll box reaches the oil mark position, you need to add lubricating oil once a month.

(2) Fabric Rolling System

Check the oil level of the faabric rolling system once a week, and add oil depending on the oil level. In addition, grease the chain and sprockets according to the situation.

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