High-grade air layer knitted fabric

In recent years, in the textile market, high-grade air-layer knitted fabric has become a very hot high-grade fashion fabric, which is favored by people, and its raw materials are mostly high-count, extra-high-count knitting yarn, and the quality of yarn is very high.
Air knit fabric is a three-layer knitted fabric, double jersey knitting machine woven, forming coils on the front and back, and the middle of the thicker polyester elastic silk or high elastic silk, forming a similar structure to sandwich mesh.
The air layer fabric will not produce wrinkles, because the middle layer gap is large, with the effect of absorbing water and locking water. Through the fabric structure design of the inner, middle and outer layers, the air sandwich is formed in the middle of the fabric, which can play a warm effect, and is mostly used for thermal underwear.


Requirements for yarn raw materials

The air layer fabric requires the yarn to have good softness, easy bending and torsion, so that the coil structure in the knitted fabric is uniform, the appearance is clear and beautiful, and the yarn breakage in the weaving process and the damage to the knitting machine parts are reduced. Therefore, when selecting the raw material of the air layer fabric, the soft properties of the yarn should be considered.


Requirements for yarn dryness

Evenness is an important quality indicator of yarn used in air layer fabrics. Therefore, the production of yarns for air layer fabrics must ensure uniformity, stability and consistency. The even and dry yarn is beneficial to ensure the quality of the fabric, so that the loop structure is uniform and the cloth surface is clear. If there are thick spots on the yarn, the defects cannot pass through the needle holes smoothly during the weaving process, which will cause end breaks or damage to the machine parts, and it is easy to form “horizontal stripes” and “cloud spots” on the cloth surface, which will reduce the quality of the fabric; such as yarn There are details on the thread, but the details are prone to strong and weak loops and broken ends, which will affect the quality of the fabric and reduce the production efficiency of weaving. Because there are multiple knitting systems on the knitting machine, the yarns are fed into the knitting at the same time, so not only the thickness of each yarn is required to be uniform, but also the thickness difference between the yarns must be strictly controlled, otherwise horizontal stripes will be formed on the cloth surface. Defects such as shadows reduce fabric quality.


Requirements for yarn weavability

The yarn used in the air layer fabric requires the yarn to have certain strength and extensibility. Since the yarn will be subject to certain tension and repeated friction loads during the weaving process, as well as be subjected to bending and torsional deformation, the yarn is required to have a certain degree of extensibility so as to facilitate bending into loops during the weaving process and reduce yarn breakage head.

Post time: Jul-22-2023
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