Reasons and solutions for hidden horizontal stripes in circular knitting machine fabrics

Hidden stripes refer to the phenomenon that during the operation of the circular knitting machine, the size of the loops changes, resulting in wider and uneven density on the surface of the fabric. These problems are often caused by quality or installation problems with machine components.
1.Cylinder installation accuracy problem. Recheck the flatness, roundness, levelness and roundness of the cylinder. Control within reasonable accuracy.

Reasons and solutions for hidd2

2. Problems with the quality of the cam box itself and its installation accuracy. The precision of equal division should be controlled during cam box processing and production, and the concentric circle with the cylinder should be controlled during installation.

3. The problem of synchronization between the operation of the top plate  gear and the plate gear. This can also be said to be the synchronization of the upper and lower cylinders The detection method of running synchronization can be by sucking the hundred meter into the lower cylinder, inserting a spacer with a thickness corresponding to the needle groove in the upper cylinder, pressing the meter needle against the spacer, and running for one cycle to detect the running synchronization. . The circular knitting machine manufacturer’s normal requirement for operation synchronization is to control it within 8 wires. The smaller the error, the higher the accuracy.

4. Caused by the eccentricity of the fabric spreader. If the hanging rod of the fabric spreader is single-section and is not installed vertically, it will also cause dark horizontal strips. It is best to design the hanging rod of the fabric spreader into a double-section hanging rod with a universal joint effect.

5. Quality issues of the take down . Detect and debug the flatness and roundness of the take down installation, check whether the central spindle of the take down is worn, and whether the main shaft bearing is normal.

Reasons and solutions for hidd3

6. Caused by the teeth belt. Deformation and extension of the teeth belt and slippage caused by insufficient friction coefficient may cause dark horizontal stripes. Problems with the timing belt in the yarn feeding gearbox of the single jersey knitting machine can also cause dark horizontal stripes.

Post time: Dec-04-2023
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