[Tips] What are the reasons for the horizontal concealed strips when knitting on the circular knitting machine? How to solve?

The horizontal hidden strip refers to the phenomenon that the size of the loop changes during the operation of the circular knitting machine for one week, and the longitudinal sparseness and unevenness is formed on the surface of the fabric.


Under normal circumstances, the production of horizontal hidden stripes is due to mechanical or certain parts, causing periodic uneven tension of the yarn, resulting in changes in the size of the loops, mainly including the following aspects:

1.The precision of the circular knitting machine is not enough when it is installed, the circular knitting machine is aging and causes serious wear, and the level, concentricity and roundness of the needle cylinder (dial) exceed the allowable tolerance range;

2.During the operation of the circular knitting machine, there are debris and other debris embedded in the sliding block inside the yarn feeding tray, causing abnormal belt transmission, resulting in unstable yarn feeding;

3.When producing some special varieties, sometimes it is necessary to adopt a passive yarn feeding method, which causes a large difference in yarn tension;

4.The pulling and reeling device of the circular knitting machine is severely worn, resulting in large fluctuations in the coiling tension, resulting in differences in coil length.



A.Electroplating the positioning surface of the gear plate and thicken it appropriately to control the gap of the gear plate between 0.1 and 0.2mm.

B.Polish the bottom steel ball track, add grease, flatten the bottom of the needle cylinder with a soft and thin elastic gasket, and control the radial gap of the needle cylinder to about 0.2mm.

C.The sinker cam needs to be calibrated regularly to ensure that the distance between the sinker cam and the sinker end is between 0.3 and 0.5mm to ensure that the yarn holding tension is consistent when unwinding the loop.

D.Control the temperature and humidity of the workshop, and do a good job of cleaning and sanitation of the circular knitting machine to prevent dust, dust and other debris from being attracted to the loop forming machine due to static electricity, resulting in unstable yarn feed tension.

E.Overhaul the pulling and reeling device to ensure constant pulling tension.

F.The tension meter is used to measure the yarn feed tension to ensure that the yarn feed tension of each path is approximately the same.

In the knitting process, due to the different fabric structure, the horizontal hidden strips appearing are also different. Generally speaking, single jersey fabrics are more obvious than double jersey fabrics.

In addition, the horizontal hidden strip may also be caused by the miss cam pressure needle at the door is too low. Some fabric parameters require special fabric types. The cam pressing needle is adjusted greatly during knitting, and the floating cam at the door should be adjusted accordingly. Therefore, pay attention to the position of the door tcam when changing varieties.

Post time: Apr-26-2021