What are the reasons for the wrong and squandered patterns on the computerized jacquard knitting machine?



If you do not consider the special circumstances brought about by the special pattern, and only consider the wrong pattern and squandered pattern caused by incorrect needle ejection, the main possibilities are as follows.

1.The lack of synchronization between the needle selector and the machine itself will cause the whole disc to be irregular and messy. At this time, you can readjust the parameters of the machine.

2.The depth of the jacquard pattern pin of the needle selector is not enough, which will cause horizontal squandering. The middle needle is continuously pressed in by the jacquard pattern pin. If the middle needle is not pressed down enough, the middle needle is still raised by the needle jack for knitting. At this time, a certain number of patterns will be disordered, and the chaotic pattern will be horizontal.
3.Abnormal wear and tear of the jacquard pattern pin (the same phenomenon as the needle jack or the needle) will cause the vertical chaotic pattern.

4.The assembly design problem of the loom causes the overall pattern to be disordered, which is relatively rare.
5.Reset the triangle or needle jack three-track design or processing problems, resulting in random pattern in a specific number of channels. It will appear when the triangle is worn out or there is a problem with the assembly design.
6.The needle selection point (the position where the needle selector presses the jacquard sheet into the deepest needle cylinder) is too close to the needle jack triangle, resulting in messy pattern. The middle needle has not completed the needle selection action (pressed by the jacquard piece) before it has entered the needle jack triangle track, resulting in squandering, usually the entire horizontal squandering.
7.The assembly position of the needle selector and the butt of the jacquard piece is poorly matched, resulting in random patterns. For example, the needle selector should not press the jacquard piece when the knife head is raised, but the jacquard piece is pressed due to the low installation position of the needle selector, which results in a certain number of random patterns.

Post time: Feb-08-2021