What is the difference between single jersey and double jersey knitting machines? And their scopes of application?

1. What is the difference between single jersey and double jersey knitting machines? And their scope of application?

The circular knitting machine belongs to the knitting machine, and the fabric is in a circular cylindrical shape. They are all used to make underwear (autumn clothes, pants; sweaters) or sportswear. Completed by a single yarn without dividing warp and weft.

Shuttle weaving machine: Weaving flat cloth with fixed width. The warp axis provides the warp thread, and the shuttle provides the knot yarn to make the fabric together.

2. What is the reason for needle leakage in the single jersey knitting machine of the circular knitting machine


(1) The position of the yarn feeder nozzle is not correct. This problem is quite common and easy to solve, just adjust the position correctly.

(2) The position of the brush is correct. The position of this component may be incorrect or too high. Therefore, it is also necessary to inspect before processing and make adjustments if any problems are found

(3) The slider screws are loose. During the inspection, it is necessary to tighten the loose screws and adjust the yarn mouth area accordingly.

(4) The length of the knitting machine needle is inconsistent. This situation may lead to needle leakage during the processing, so it is necessary to replace the knitting needles in a timely manner once found.

3. How many revolutions can a single jersey of a circular knitting machine operate at the fastest speed

4 inch 28 stitches, 209 multiplied by 14 equals 2926, 34 inch 28 stitches are 2976, except for the 4 to 5 cm edge of the needle eye fabric during the dyeing factory setting, the net width of 209 is just right.

Knitting circular knitting machine, also known as knitting circular weft knitting machine (or knitting circular weft knitting machine). Due to the many loop forming systems (referred to as the number of yarn feeder or loop forming in enterprises, abbreviated as the number of loops), high rotational speed, high output, fast pattern changes, good fabric quality, few processes, and strong product adaptability, the circular knitting machine has developed rapidly.

(1) Ordinary single jersey knitting circular machine. A regular single jersey knitting machine with a large number of loops (usually 3-4 times the diameter of the needle cylinder, i.e. 3-way 25.4mm~4-way 25.4mm), such as a 30 “single jersey machine with 90F~120F, a 34″ single jersey machine with 102-126F, etc., has high rotational speed and high output. In some knitting enterprises in China, they are called multi triangle machines (mainly based on the Z241 model).

Ordinary single jersey circular knitting machines have single track (one track), two track (two tracks), three track (three tracks), four track, and six track models. Currently, most knitting enterprises use four track single sided circular knitting machines. It uses the organic arrangement and combination of knitting needles and cam to weave various new fabrics.


(2) Single jersey terry machine. A single jersey terry machine, also known as a single jersey towel machine, has single needle, double needle, and four needle models, and has two types: a positive terry machine (the terry yarn wraps the ground weave yarn inside, which means the terry yarn is displayed on the front of the fabric, but the yarn from the two ground weave is wrapped inside) and a reverse terry machine (which means the yarn from the ground weave of the terry fabric is usually seen on the back of the fabric), Using the arrangement and combination of sinkers and yarns to weave and produce new fabrics

(3) Three thread fleece knitting machine. The three thread fleece knitting machine is called a fleece machine in knitting enterprises. It has single needle, double needle and four needle models, used to produce various types of brushed and non brushed flannel products. It uses knitting needles and arrangement of yarns to produce new types of fabrics.

Post time: Oct-26-2023
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